IPAB Workshop-06/05/2021



Bio: Dr Carlo Tiseo is a biomedical engineer working as a Research Associate at the University of Edinburgh. He holds a PhD in Rehabilitation Robotics from the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, where he has also been a Research Associate at the Rehabilitation Research Institute of Singapore. His research activity focuses on interaction control applied to human-robot collaboration, teleoperation, legged locomotion, and computational neuroscience. 


Title: Unstructured Interaction Control

Abstract: Robots are starting to enter our daily living to work alongside humans or be their proxies in remote and dangerous environments.  A major challenge to the robot's robustness in such operational conditions is the impossibility of making long-term predictions on environmental dynamics. Inspired by the human ability to perform dexterous dynamic tasks, the Fractal Impedance Controller (FIC) can perform dynamic interaction without the need for dynamic models. This new approach to control has been proved successful in planning, teleoperation, manipulation, human-robot interaction, and computational neuroscience.  Future development will explore the exploitation of mechanical synchronisation to detect human motor intention and formulate a motor control model with neurophysiological delays.


May 06 2021 -

IPAB Workshop-06/05/2021

Carlo Tiseo

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