IPAB Workshop-16/09/2021



Title: Recent computer vision research

Bob Fisher My 2021 IPAB seminar will give the highlights from 5 projects that I have been involved with in the past year. * Predicting Austrian Forest Thinning - using aerial data and deep learning to    predict when a forest needs to be thinned to improve forest growth and health * Detecting, tracking, and assessing pig behaviour - how does piglet behaviour change    over 2 months as they grow * Detecting daily face changes - using eigenface analysis to explore how a face changes    in shape and colour over the period of a day * Properties of human foveal vision - even if you have lost your central vision (e.g. due    to macular degeneration), you can still detect objects, but are slower at recognising them * Advanced Care Research Centre progress - two small applications that could help keep    elderly people living alone safer The PhD students and postdocs will present their main research in other seminars.

Sep 16 2021 -

IPAB Workshop-16/09/2021

Bob Fisher

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