IPAB Workshop-18/02/2021


He Zhang

Title: Neural Manipulation Synthesis with a Hand-Object Spatial Representation

Abstract: In this work, we propose a hand-object spatial representation that can achieve generalization from limited data. Our representation combines the global object shape as voxel occupancies with local geometric details as samples of closest distances. With a carefully chosen hand-centric coordinate system, we can handle single-handed and two-handed motions in a unified framework. Learning from a small number of primitive shapes and kitchenware objects, the network is able to synthesize a variety of finger gaits for grasping, in-hand manipulation, and bimanual object handling on a rich set of novel shapes and functional tasks.


Xueting Zhang

Title: Shallow Bayesian Meta Learning for Real-World Few-Shot Recognition.

Abstract:  Current state-of-the-art few-shot learners focus on developing effective training procedures for feature representations, before using simple, e.g. nearest centroid, classifiers. In this paper we take an orthogonal approach that is agnostic to the features used, and focus exclusively on meta-learning the actual classifier layer. Specifically, we introduce MetaQDA, a Bayesian meta-learning generalisation of the classic quadratic discriminant analysis. This setup has several benefits of interest to practitioners: meta-learning is fast and memory efficient, without the need to fine-tune features. It is agnostic to the off-the-shelf features chosen, and thus will continue to benefit from advances in feature representations. Empirically, it leads to robust performance in cross-domain few-shot learning and, crucially for real-world applications, it leads to better uncertainty calibration in predictions.

Feb 18 2021 -

IPAB Workshop-18/02/2021

He Zhang, Xueting Zhang

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