IPAB Workshop - 20/10/2022

Talk Title: Recent & Ancient computer vision and robotics research

Abstract: My talk will cover some recent research:

  • 1) PUZZLED: how monitoring student facial expressions can give online lecturers feedback on their presentation.
  • 2) Overview of 4 projects aimed at monitoring ageing adults in their own homes: a) failure to exit, b) stopped moving, c) changes in eating behavior, d) changes in walking behavior.

And some ancient research: I was recently asked to provide some information about Robin Popplestone's research (robotics prof when I started my PhD). So, I thought that I'd summarise some of the work on Freddy (world's first assembly robot - see Chamber's St. Museum), and the RAPT task-level robot assembly programming language (this is not my research, but I was around during the later stages of the RAPT work).

Oct 20 2022 -

IPAB Workshop - 20/10/2022

Bob Fisher

G.07, Informatics Forum