IPAB Workshop-26/01/2023



Title: Real-time Whole-body Control of Humanoid Robots in Multi-Contact Modes


Abstract: In this presentation, we will discuss real-time whole-body control of humanoid robots under multi-contact-modes settings, including a mix of fixed and sliding contacts. We will present methods to maintain the robot's balance and keep the center of mass (CoM) within an admissible set, including a fast-computing method for the 2D CoM support region and a whole-body control strategy that enables switching between fixed and sliding contacts. We will also introduce a unified framework for the whole-body dynamic balance controller of humanoid robots in multi-contact. The presentation will include simulations and experiments on the HRP-4 and Talos humanoid robots.

Jan 26 2023 -

IPAB Workshop-26/01/2023

Saeid Samadi

IF, G.07