Members of IPAB.


Ramamoorthy photo
Subramanian Ramamoorthy Robot Learning for Decision Making under Uncertainty, Dexterous Manipulation and Control, Human-Robot Interaction, Physics-informed Machine Learning, Safe and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence                                                                                                                                                     


Academic Staff

Stefano Albrecht
Stefano V. Albrecht Robust sequential decision making by autonomous agents in complex dynamic environments. Deep reinforcement learning, multi-agent reinforcement learning, models of other agents (beliefs, goals, plans) in interactive decision making.
Hakan Bilen
Hakan Bilen Computer vision, machine learning, deep learning, weakly supervised learning, multiple task learning, object recognition, action classification  
Bob Fisher photo
Bob Fisher Model-based vision, 3D/range data interpretation and applications, video sequence analysis
Michael Herrmann photo
Michael Herrmann Neurorobotics, self-organisation of behaviour, prosthetic control, computational neuroscience, neuroinformatics
Hospedales photo
Timothy Hospedales Computer vision. Deep learning. Lifelong machine learning. Transfer and multi-task learning. Learning to Learn. Domain adaptation. Language and vision. Reinforcement Learning for control. Active Learning. Weakly supervised learning
Mohsen Khadem

Medical Robotics, Image-guided Surgery, Continuum Robots, Dynamic Modeling and Simulation, Applications of Control Theory in Robotics

Taku photo
Taku Komura Computer graphics, robotics and biomechanics: human motion analysis and synthesis, physically-based animation and real-time computer graphics.
Changjian Li Computer Graphics, 3D Vision and Medical Image Processing: 3D Shape Creation and Analysis with applications in Sketch-based Modeling, Shape Reconstruction and Analysis from Point Clouds, and Medical Image Processing and Modeling.


Zhibin (Alex) Li

Control of complex behaviors for robots, eg humanoids, to achieve human-comparable ability to move and manipulate through control theories, optimization and machine learning.

Chris Lu IPAB
Chris Xiaoxuan Lu Mobile Robotics. Mixed Reality. Spatial AI under Low-visibility. Fog Robotics and Edge IoT. Human-robot Collaboration. Secure and Privacy-aware Autonomous Systems
Mistry photo
Michael Mistry
Dexterous motion, dynamics modelling, and control of physical interaction, for humans and robotic systems.
Laura Sevilla-Lara
Laura Sevilla-Lara

Computer Vision, Motion Estimation, Temporal Modeling, Object Segmentation, Object Tracking, Deep Learning, Unsupervised Learning

Kartic Subr
Kartic Subr Graphics, Stochastic sampling, signal processing and image manipulation
Steve Tonneau

Humanoid/legged robotics; computer graphics; Motion planning; Optimal control

Amir Vaxman
Amir Vaxman Geometry processing, computer graphics, directional field processing, meshing, reconstruction in medical imaging, discrete differential geometry
Sethu photo
Sethu Vijayakumar Statistical Machine Learning for Robotics; Planning, Optimisation and Adaptive Control for Anthropomorphic (Humanoid) Platforms; Computational Motor Control; Rehabilitation Robotics
Barbara Webb
Barbara Webb Perceptual systems for the control of behaviour, robot models of animals, simulation of neural circuits

Honorary Staff

Michael Burke
       Michael Burke                              Robot learning and control, specifically in the development of probabilistic machine learning and computer vision tools for robotics applications

Associate Academic Staff

Tim Colles Mobile robot programming languages
Alex Lascarides Computational semantics, particularly discourse, conversation and gestures; learning strategies in complex games; learning to adapt to unforeseen possibilities
Oisin Mac Aodha

Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Computer-Assisted Teaching

Siddharth Narayanaswamy  
Kia Nazarpour Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, Machine Learning for Health
Austin Tate Planning and activity management, Human-robot collaboration, Emergency response, search and rescue
Chris Williams Machine learning and computer vision
David Willshaw Construction of networks of neurons and the computations performed by them

Research Staff

Keyhan Babarahmati

Safe and Compliant Human-Robot Interaction/Cooperation/Collaboration, Robot Manipulation, Tele-cooperation​ (Tele-(operation/manipulation) + Human-Robot Cooperation)

Ignacio Carlucho Robotics, reinforcement learning, multi-agent systems, ad hoc teamwork
Osmar Cedron Deep reinforcement learning, computer vision, compositional robotics and theory of neural networks
Wenqian Du  
Xin Du Exceptional Model Mining, Causal Inference, Trustworthy ML, Geo-spatial Science
Evripidis Gkanias

Bio-inspired artificial intelligence,Computational neuroethology, Computational modelling, Learning and memory, Insect-inspired navigation

Henry Gouk

Optimisation and machine learning, robust deep learning, interpretable representation learning, computer vision

David Hanley  
Craig Innes  
Florent Le Moel  
Weihong Li  
Yihe Lu Associative learning and memory consolidation in the neural circuits in fruit fly's mushroom body
Mohammad Mohades Kasaei Efficient machine learning for robotics including deep reinforcement learning and computer vision.
Joao Pousa de Moura  
Saeid Samadi multi-contact motion planning and balance control of humanoid robots as a means of implementing challenging scenarios
Mohamed Sorour  
Cheng Wang  


PhD Research Students

Yurdusev Yakup Akan  
Rana Alkhoury-Maroun  
Ebtehal Alotaibi  
Titas Anciukevicius Generative Models, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Computer Graphics
Marina Aoyama  
Ruchika Chavhan  
Thomas Corberes  
Jianning Deng  
Zhaoxing Deng  
Panagiotis Eustratiadis Deep reinforcement learning, adversarial robustness, explainable AI
Linxu Fan Computer graphics, physical-based animation
Levi Fussell  
Evripidis Gkanias  
Arushi Goel Vision and Language, Deep learning
Jiacheng Gu  
Julian Habekost  
Anna Hadjitofi Computational neuroscience, behaviour modelling, communication in insects, honeybees
Wenbin Hu  
Aditya Kamireddypalli  
Alexandros Keros   
Kiyoon Kim

Video action recognition, efficient temporal modelling, disambiguation of video label space

Taha Kocyigit  
Adam Li  
Peize Li  
Quanyi Li  
Zhaocheng Liu  
Ran Long  
Zhen Luo  
Emile Mackute Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Medical Image Analysis, Surgical Robotics
Xiaofeng Mao  
Octave Mariotti Computer vision, unsupervised learning and object pose estimation
Robert Mitchell  
Ruaridh Mon-Williams  
Aruna Raman  
Muhammad Ahmed Raza  
Fady Rezk  
Emily Rolley-Parnell Robotic grasping, insect grasping, ant behaviour, ant behavioural modelling
Jack Rome  
Brian Seipp  
Lukas Schafer  
David Sinclair  
Stefanie Speichert  
Arturas Straizys

Medical robotics, imitation learning, tactile sensing

Zhaole Sun  
Balint Thamo  
Eleftherios Triantafyllidis

Human-Computer and Robot Interaction,Multimodal and Multisensory Integration,Immersive Technologies (VR/MR),Machine Learning for Robotics and Learning from Demonstration/Imitation

Thomas Walker  
Jiayi Wang Quadruped Locomotion
Ruyi Wang  
Yucheng Xu  
Wanming Yu

Legged locomotion, deep reinforcement learning

Bruce Zhang  
Jinwei Zhang  
Xiaoyu Zhang  
Frederica Zhao  
Le Zhu Memory and learning mechanisms in insect brains

Lab Manager

Saeid Samadi Lab Manager

Administrative Staff

  Ruta Bader                                                                                                              Portfolio Manager
  Karolin Reh                                                                                                             Finance Administrator
  Jodie Cameron                                                                                                             Institute Administrative Assistant
  Stephanie Smith                                                                                                             Institute Administrator 


Business Development

Cristian Novotny Business Development Executive         


Technical Support

Dave Hamilton Superintendent
Garry Ellard Electronic Technician
Douglas Howie Technician
Gilbert Inkster Electronic Technician
Tom Whigham Technician



Anthony Ashbrook 3D vision, statistical modelling of visual data, dynamic models
Richard Baldock  
Joanna Bryson Agent architectures and action selection for real and virtual robots
Helen Hastie Head of School of Informatics 
John Hallam Biorobotics, especially sensory biorobotic systems; user modelling in computer games;  computational neuroscience and machine learning
Margarita Chli

Computer Vision for Robotics