Lab Lunch: 5 June 2018 - Stuart Anderson

Title: The Digital Skills Partnership: What do we need form Industry?


I am a member of the Scottish Digital Skills Partnership advisory board. The Partnership has a very broad remit looking at the overall flow of people into work that requires "Digital Skills". At the moment the Partnership is sponsoring a workstream that is trying to improve the linkage between Universities and Industry in Scotland. I’d like to understand whether there really is a need for this kind of action and what concrete steps could be taken to improve linkage. I’ll describe the Digital Skills Partnership and the current initiatives it is proposing to take. I’m skeptical these will really help and am interested to see what LFCS members think could be useful. I’m hoping this can be quite interactive...

Jun 05 2018 -

Lab Lunch: 5 June 2018 - Stuart Anderson

Speaker: Stuart Anderson

MF2 level 4