LFCS Lab Lunch

Lab Lunch is the weekly informal gathering of LFCS students and staff. It usually features a talk of about 20 to 30 minutes by a member or visitor. Biscuits are provided and attendees are encouraged to bring their lunch.


Attendees gather Tuesdays at 1.00 p.m. in Informatics Forum on level 4 Room 4.40 (Miniforum 2) to talk and discuss current events. The talk and other comments are made starting 1:10pm. 

If you are a Speaker or organiser of lab lunch, please see the details below. 




Lab lunch 2022-23

The schedule of lab lunches for academic year 2022-23

Information for Lab Lunch organisers

When to contact speakers, announce abstracts. How to set up for a lab lunch.

Information for Lab lunch Speakers

Prepare a talk for broad audience. Send your title and abstract in the week before your talk.

Past lab lunches

Content from previous years.

The Spirit of LFCS Lab Lunches

LFCS Lab lunches - history and focus