Lab Lunch: 22 January 2019 - Kyriakos Kalorkoti

Title: Reasoning under Uncertainty when it Really Matters


In our theoretical research we are used to working with definite information, even in probabilistic scenarios.  If we are unable to reach a conclusion then we are disappointed but are not forced to produce an answer. In contrast to this, I will discuss some aspects f the Academic Misconduct University wide scheme in which information to those having to make a decision can be highly uncertain and yet  there is no option but to come to a decision.  As part of this I will discuss a tool currently under implementation as a UG4 project that can help to some extent.  I will also discuss what I see as an appropriate mind set when facing such situations.

Jan 22 2019 -

Lab Lunch: 22 January 2019 - Kyriakos Kalorkoti

Speaker: Kyriakos Kalorkoti

MF2 level 2