Lab Lunch: 25 June 2019 - Petros Wallden

Title: How Classical Parties can obtain Secure Access to Quantum Internet


The development of quantum networks and quantum computers is expected to offer a number of enhancements in terms of security and efficiency, varying from secret key distribution to secure cloud quantum computing. For both practical and theoretical reasons it would be invaluable if parties with fully classical devices could (fully) participate in this quantum network with high security guarantees (similarly to those offered to parties with access to quantum communications). For example, it would enable people to use from their mobile phones securely (maintaining their privacy) quantum cloud services. In this talk I will present how this can be made possible, by introducing the concept of "classically-instructed remote secret qubits preparation" and giving.

Protocol (s) achieving this primitive.

Jun 25 2019 -

Lab Lunch: 25 June 2019 - Petros Wallden

Speaker: Petros Wallden

MF2 level 4