Lab Lunch: 26 February 2019 - Wenfei Fan

Title: Adaptive Parallelization of Sequential Graph Algorithms


This talk tackles two issues in connection with parallel graph computations:

  1. Is it possible to simplify parallel programming, from think parallel to think sequential? That is, we want a parallel system such that we can plug in single-machine graph algorithms and the system parallelizes computations across a cluster of processors.
  2. Does there exist a parallel model that optimizes computation by adaptively switching among BSP (Bulk Synchronous Parallel), AP (Asynchronous Parallel) and SSP (Stale Synchronous Parallel) models? That is, the model retains the advantages of BSP, AP and SSP, while it reduces stragglers and redundant stale computations inherent to BSP, AP and SSP. We answer both questions in the affirmative
Feb 26 2019 -

Lab Lunch: 26 February 2019 - Wenfei Fan

Speaker: Wenfei Fan

MF2 level 4