Lab Lunch - 16 June 2020 - Leonid Libkin

Title: GQL


Creating new international standards for query languages is not an everyday event: to be precise, ISO (International Organization for Standardization) has so far done this once, and the outcome, SQL, is well known. The same committee, known by its easily pronouncable name ISO/IEC JTC1 SC32 WG3, is now in charge of creating a new language GQL (Graph Query Language) to become a new standard for querying graph databases.

In this short talk I'll give a brief history of this development, and an even shorter explanation of other abbreviations such as ISO itself, INCITS, BSI, SQL/PGQ, LDBC and FSWG that will shed a bit of light on why this has taken the most significant chunk of my time in the past year.

Jun 16 2020 -

Lab Lunch - 16 June 2020 - Leonid Libkin

Speaker: Leonid Libkin

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