Lab Lunch: 17 November 2020 - Jane Hillston

Title: Decolonising the Curriculum

Workshop Details: A discussion around Decolonising the Curriculum.  

All course organisers will soon be asked to complete a brief report to be submitted to Board of Studies on what steps have been taken to address decolonisation/anti-racism/inclusion in their course. This is part of the University’s Race Equality and Anti-Racism Action Plan.

Thus Lab Lunch on 17th November will take the form of a workshop and is primarily aimed at teaching staff, but everyone is encouraged to come along and join in the debate.  

The goals of the workshop are:

  • To understand what decolonising means for your course.  
  • To help develop the action plan for your course, or LFCS courses more generally.  

Further details and pre-presentation information are available in the email of 10/11/20.

Nov 17 2020 -

Lab Lunch: 17 November 2020 - Jane Hillston

Speaker: Jane Hillston

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