Lab Lunch: 28 January 2020 - Kami Vaniea

Title: Understanding how Universities handle Phishing


Malicious emails (phishing) are one of the leading causes of data breaches worldwide, and Universities are among the worst offenders.

In this project, my lab has been exploring how Universities handle phishing from front-line filters to following up on reported phishing emails. Our goal is to map out how phishing is practically handled with the goal of understanding the technical, management, and social barriers staff face when trying to protect all of us from criminal attacks. This work is still in-progress, so in this talk I will detail what we have learned so far and potential future research directions into how to help these groups.

Jan 28 2020 -

Lab Lunch: 28 January 2020 - Kami Vaniea

Speaker: Kami Vaniea

MF2 level 4