Lab Lunch: 26 January 2021 - Andreas Pieris

Title: When Database Querying is Efficient

Abtract: I will discuss when a class of conjunctive queries, the core of relational query languages, is efficient. In particular, I will present Grohe’s seminal characterization of the tractable classes of conjunctive queries, published in FOCS 2003 and JACM 2007. I will then proceed with a recent extension of Grohe's characterization, published in PODS 2020, that pushes the limits of efficiency even further by taking into account the integrity constraints that are typically coming with a relational schema.

Dr. Andreas Pieris, Reader in LFCS.

Jan 26 2021 -

Lab Lunch: 26 January 2021 - Andreas Pieris

Speaker: Andreas Pieris

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