DSU at the Scottish AI Summit

Sohan took part in a panel talk, and Daga helped with a live demo

The inaugural Scottish AI Summit was a very interesting event, with participants from the research community, the industry and the government engaging in dialogue around Trustworthy, Ethical and Inclusive AI. There were talks, panel discussions, stalls and one (almost smooth) demo.

The recorded sessions will be made available to the public through their website at the end of April '22, so if you are curious be sure to visit:

Scottish AI Summit

Taking part in the conversation

Sohan (S. Seth, Senior Data Scientist) participated in the panel discussion titled What Does AI Offer People as They Get Older and What is The Role of Co-design? with colleagues from the Advanced Care Research Center.

Advanced Care Research Center

Learning from the unexpected

Daga (D. Panas, Data Scientist) helped out The New Real team with a live lunchtime demo of The New Real Platform. It was not an auspicious day, with COVID-19, equipment glitches and dormant bugs in the code all conspiring against us. Key lesson is, if you are doing a live demo: testtesttest. Lateral flow, gear compatibility, unit testing, any and all tests you can think of!

That said, the team made an impressive recovery, with truly movie-worthy scenes of live debugging and our EPCC colleague Mario (M. Antonioletti, Software Architect) supporting remotely and pushing changes to the GPU-enabled cloud VM, managing to bring the Platform back online and fully functional.

More on The New Real Platform and how we are involved.