Best poster award for Calum

Calum wins a best poster award

Each year the Honours and Masters informatics students have the chance to present their projects in front of students and staff at the University’s Honours Project Day. Participating students are tasked with creating posters summarising the work undertaken in their final year. They then present their posters at the Project Day, at the end of which attendees vote on the best presentation, to award the title of Best Honours Project Presentation.

This years Project Day was hosted on the 17th of March and we are very happy to announce that our very own Calum (C. Mcmeekin, MInf student) has won the award for his work on Machine Learning With Medium Resolution Satellite Imagery To Map the Biomes In South America.

Be sure to check out his winning entry (EASE login required).

In Calum's own words,

This year I am very pleased to say that my presentation was awarded the title of Best Honours Project Presentation. My presentation summarised my MInf project where I have successfully found that it is possible to accurately create maps of the three largest biomes in South America, at a fraction of the cost and time when compared to current methods. This work would not have been possible without the invaluable help from my supervisor, Sohan Seth, who I would like to extend my thanks to.