MSc Project Supervisor / Marker

MSc Project Supervisor / Marker responsibilities.

  • Provide project proposals [typically 3 UG and 3 MSc ] such that you meet your overall yearly allocation of six projects [across UG and MSc].

  • Meet or correspond with students who express interest in your project proposals, to provide additional information and/or assess their suitability.

  • Typically supervise three MSc students [dependent on uptake of proposals].

  • Note that it is not normally an option to trade MSc project supervision against future UG4/MInf supervision.

  • Regular (normally weekly) meetings with student you supervise to review progress, provide technical guidance, and help with planning of future work.  This will be during the IRP preparation (semester 2) and during the project period in the summer.

  • Marking of the IRP reports and provision of feedback for the students you are supervising.

  • Attendance at project group meetings for students you supervise.

  • Possible co-ordination of project groups and timely submission of project meeting progress notes.

  • Assessment of your own MSc student projects, second marking and possible moderation of others.

  • Attendance at Board of Examiners meeting when marks and project results are agreed.

  • Awareness of MSc Project Marking Guidelines and adherence to notes for examiners.