TC Agenda 10th of January 2018

Teaching Committee Agenda for 10th of January 2018.

Meeting Agenda

Informatics Teaching Committee Agenda

Wednesday 10th January 2017 14.00hrs, Appleton Tower room 7.14



18.22 Apologies for absence - Don Sannella, Julian Bradfield, Myrtro Arapinis, Jane Hillston, Paul Anderson, John Longley, Helen Pain. 

18.23 Minutes of previous meeting

18.24 Matters Arising (to be completed)

18.17 ACTION: The student reps for Teaching Committee – Nikita Samarin and Caterina Mrose should be emailed prior to each TC meeting.  RESPONSE: IT contacted them. COMPLETE.

(TC 10th May 2017, Matters Arising 3.2) - Revised Exam Scrutiny Process. ACTION: ITO to update Semester 2 Exam Setting Deadlines - COMPLETE. Gantt chart to be added to page.

(TC May 10th, Item 4) - Proposal to Remove Elevated Hurdles for Progression to Honours - B. Franke. DoT to contact Business School, Convenor to contact PPLS. The Convenor contacted PPLS in order to understand better how they handle this. ACTION: Convenor to send details to Gillian Bell. DoT to contact Business School.

18.04 Moderating IPP Marks - G. Sanguinetti. ACTION: It was agreed to move forward with the plan to take feedback from the tutors regarding cases they saw as unusual, and the course organiser would moderate these cases appropriately. Marking guidelines are to be fleshed out and a marking form devised.

18.12 Draft Learning and Teaching Plan - Director of Teaching. ITO to hold SSLCs this semester. The DoT will review the role of Year Organiser. RESPONSE: SSLCs have been held for Semester 1. ACTION: DoT to confirm his action.

18.06-03 (AOCB) Student access to the Forum. ITO to look into this. RESPONSE: Martin Wright and DoT emailed, awaiting comments. ACTION: ITO to chase; chased 03/01/2017 by email.

18.25 Service Excellence - Special Circumstances and Coursework Extensions Project

18.26 Increase in Language Requirements for MSc / AMSc in Design Informatics - Maria Wolters (supporting documentation to follow)

18.27 Usage of Appleton Tower room 5.01 - Neil Heatley

18.28 Recruitment Report - Helen Pain

18.29 Date of next Teaching Committee - Wed 14th February