Memberships, remits and papers for School Committees.

Committee roles, responsibilities, operating guidelines and templates

The following are the respective roles and responsibilities in relation to functioning of School committees, together with the templates that must be used by the School’s Committees and operating guidelines.

Board of Studies (secured)

Please note that the School Board of Studies information has now moved to SharePoint here. The information on this site will slowly be removed. If you need access, please request it through the SharePoint site or email

Buildings Committee

The Buildings Committee meets four times a year and is chaired by the Director of Professional Services

Computing Strategy Group

Computing Strategy Group meets five times a year and is chaired by the Director of Computing.

Health, Safety & Wellbeing Committee

An overview of Health, Safety & Wellbeing Committee

General Meetings (secured)

Informatics General Meetings are all-staff meetings primarily used for communicating high level updates from all areas of the school.

People & Culture Committee

The People & Culture Committee advises the Head of School and Strategy Committee on matters that ensure the School has an inclusive culture.

Recruitment Committee (secured)

The Recruitment Committee is a sub-committee of the Informatics Strategy Committee and exists to recommend and implement policy on UG and PG admissions and other recruitment activity.

Research Committee (secured)

The Research Committee meets monthly and is chaired by the Director of Research to oversee School research.

Strategy Committee

The Strategy Committee meets monthly and is chaired by the Head of School.

Teaching Committee

Teaching Committee develops policy on the delivery of taught courses and monitors activity within those courses.

School information management systems (SIMS) group

Oversight of School information management systems/procedures, focussing on the sustainability of Theon and associated systems including Webmark and related forms, UG4/Hons Projects database, room Booking System, RT etc.

Other groups

Board of Examiners

School information management systems (SIMS) group

Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC)