TC Agenda 10th October 2018

Teaching Committee Agenda for 10th October 2018.

Meeting Agenda

Informatics Teaching Committee Agenda

14.00hrs, Appleton Tower room 7.14



19.09 Apologies for absence: Stuart Anderson, Gillian Bell, Iain Murray, Myrto Arapinis., Christophe Dubach.

19.10 Minutes of Previous Meetings

19.11 Matters Arising

18.04 - Moderation of IPP marks - course co-ordinator working on the issue with input from DoLT- ONGOING.

18.29-01 – The Convenor raised the ongoing subject of software options for coursework submission. ACTION:  to establish sub-committee to investigate options - ONGOING.

18.41 - Exam Rubric Proposal – Sharon Goldwater. ACTION: ITO with Iain Murray to put in place for 2018/19 when he returns. COMPLETE. ACTION: ITO to update Exam PC and online guide/template. COMPLETE.

18.59-01 INF1-OP Exam format. ACTION: Volker Seeker to provide report on INF1-OP exam for October TC meeting.

18.59-02: Course Moderation Guidelines / Non-Hons Convenor guide. The BoE Convenors are officially responsible for ensuring that moderation guidelines are available. It was suggested that a Sub-Committee would be a more appropriate arena in which to cover this. ACTION: DoLT to refer this to sub-committee.Ian Simpson has provided a “quick start guide” to being Convenor” and will upload to the intranet. COMPLETE.

18.59-03: Exam Script Loss - DoLT to speak to ITO about the audit process and discuss options. ONGOING.

18.60-01: DoLT to raise the possibility of PhDs “help hours” in a sub-committee. Requests for support should be modified to include an additional section covering this. ACTION: Alex Welsh / Vicky MacTaggart to look into this. ONGOING.

18.60-02: Learning Technologist to produce an overview for the LEARN template.

18.60-03: Degree Programme Management Tool - It was agreed that the DPMT specification should be brought to Teaching Committee; Tom Spink. (See item 19.12)

The MSc Dissertation co-ordinator went into some detail about how the DPMT system worked for the TC. The Honours Project coordinator also expressed his views on DPMT, adding that he explained how the system worked to his students, some of whom attempted to game the system to their advantage. Another TC member pointed out that the transparency of the system was not the only issue; seeing “who had been assigned what” after the allocation was also important. They believed this would be of particular benefit to new staff. One member raised the point that other universities used established software for such tasks as project allocation with success. The Honours Project coordinator was happy to publish the results of the DPMT selection, the MSc coordinator less so, as he believed this would generate more queries.

ACTION: Don Sannella to circulate the text that he uses to describe the DPMT’s function amongst the staff.

18.60-04: Publicising of Seminars. COMPLETE.

18.63: Teaching Programme Review – DoLT. A meeting should be arranged in October or November with a named TPR team – to be discussed at next Teaching Committee.

19.05 Resit Examinations: considering how best to handle the issue of failed coursework.  Amended proposal was suggested by G.Bell in discussion after  last Teaching Committee.

19.06 Proposal to limit UG/MSc project Report Lengths, S.Goldwater. ONGOING.

19.09-01 Student reps to be found for Teaching Committee. ACTION: ITO to find.

19.09-02 Heather Yorston to be added to teaching-staff mailing list. COMPLETE.

19.09-03: Policy on Late Coursework to be clarified. ACTION: DoLT & Informatics Student Support to bring a formal proposal to next TC.

19.12 Provision of DPMT for CDTs - Adam Lopez.

Informatics CDTs support nearly forty MSc students per year, and each needs to produce a thesis that is marked, but these have different regulations from taught MSc theses: neither of the markers can be the project supervisor. Since DPMT doesn’t support this, allocation of markers in 2018 was handled via a separate, informal process, which created a number of problems. This request is to add the appropriate functionality to DPMT for CDT projects.

19.13 Proposal for Informatics 1B course - Paul Anderson, Volker Seeker


19.14 Date of next Teaching Committee - Wednesday the 14th of November, 2018.

19.15 AOCB