TC Agenda 12th September 2018

Teaching Committee Agenda for 12th September 2018.

Meeting Agenda

Informatics Teaching Committee Agenda

Wednesday 12th September 2018 14.00hrs, Appleton Tower room 7.14



19.01 Apologies for absence: Volker Seeker, Christophe Dubach.

19.02 Minutes of Previous Meetings

19.03 Matters Arising

18.04 - Moderation of IPP marks - course co-ordinator working on the issue with input from DoLT- ONGOING.

(TC May 10th, Item 4) - Proposal to Remove Elevated Hurdles for Progression to Honours - B.Franke. MInf programme - UG2 to UG3 hurdle removed in DPT, UG3 to UG4 hurdle retained. Remaining UG2 to UG3 hurdles still in: BSc Cognitive Science, BSc CS and Management Science, BSc CS & Physics. ACTION: Progression page to be updated by new Senior Tutor - COMPLETE.

18.29-01 – The Convenor raised the ongoing subject of software options for coursework submission. ACTION: to establish sub-committee to investigate options - ONGOING.

18.41 - Exam Rubric Proposal – Sharon Goldwater. ACTION: ITO with Iain Murray to put in place for 2018/19 when he returns. OUTSTANDING.

18.59-01 INF1-OP Exam format - Volker Seeker to provide report on INF1-OP exam for next TC meeting.

18.59-02: Course Moderation Guidelines / Non-Hons Convenor guide  - DoLT to action. Ian Simpson to provide a “quick start guide to being Convenor”.

18.59-03: Exam Script Loss - DoLT to speak to ITO about the audit process and discuss options.

18.60-01: DoLT to raise the possibility of PhDs “help hours” in a sub-committee.

18.60-02: Learning Technologist to produce an overview for the LEARN template.

18.60-03: Degree Programme Management Tool - It was agreed that the DPMT specification should be brought to Teaching Committee; Tom Spink.

18.60-04: Publicising of Seminars - ACTION: TO-SST and InfComms to collaborate on this. COMPLETE - seminars mailing list added to transtitions communications for MSc students,

18.63 Teaching Programme Review – DoLT. A meeting should be arranged in October or November with a named TPR team – to be discussed at September Teaching Committee.

19.04 Establishing a Welfare and Support Sub-Committee of Teaching Committee - DoLT

19.05 Resit Examinations: considering how best to handle the issue of failed coursework - DoLT

19.06 Proposal to limit UG/MSc project Report Lengths - S.Goldwater

19.07 Summary of Curriculum Consultation, and Revised Proposal - S.Goldwater

19.08 Date of next Teaching Committee - Wednesday the 10th of October, 2018.