TC Agenda 4th July 2018

Teaching Committee Agenda for 4th July 2018.

Meeting Agenda

Informatics Teaching Committee Agenda

Wednesday 4th July 2017 14.00hrs, Appleton Tower room 7.14



18.48 Apologies for absence: Iain Murray, Jane Hillston, Sharon Goldwater, Alex Lascarides, Helen Pain, Richard Shillcock.

18.49 Minutes of Previous Meetings

18.50 Matters Arising

(TC May 10th, Item 4) - Proposal to Remove Elevated Hurdles for Progression to Honours - B. Franke. ACTION: Convenor to contact Vicky McTaggart in ITO.

18.04 Moderating IPP Marks - G. Sanguinetti. New co-ordinator of IPP Bjoern Franke in the process of actioning. COMPLETE.

18.06-03 Student access to the Forum. OUTCOME: Sign-in to remain compulsory. COMPLETE.

18.26 Increase in Language Requirements for MSc/AMSc in Design Informatics - Maria Wolters. COMPLETE.

18.27 Usage of Appleton Tower room 5.01. Estates surveying the wall in the hope of mounting a screen and 12 nodal chairs provisionally ordered. ONGOING.

18.29-01 – The Convenor raised the ongoing subject of software options for coursework submission. ACTION: Convenor to establish sub-committee to investigate options. See also 18.51.

18.29-02 – A replacement lecturer for IPP will be required. COMPLETE.

18.34 - Employment of UG and MSc Tutors Policy v3 - COMPLETE.

18.40 - Reviewing BoE borderline policy. Policy agreed. COMPLETE.

18.41 - Exam Rubric Proposal - agreed. ACTION: ITO with Iain Murray to put in place for 2018/19.

18.51 Reducing the Number of courseworks for DMMR - Colin Stirling.

18.52 Non-Honours Assessment - general discussion - Ian Simpson.

18.53 Recruitment Report- Helen Pain.

18.54 Date of next Teaching Committee - Wednesday the 8th of August, 2018.

18.55 AOCB