Interruption of study information and guidelines.

Interruption of study 'stops the clock' when a student is unable to continue with their studies due to illness or absence. It is important to note that students who fail to submit a thesis on time, and who have not been granted an interruption or extension, may be deemed to have withdrawn and will have their registration recorded as lapsed.

What is an interruption?

An interruption of study concession is applicable where a student is unable to work on the thesis for a significant period of time due to circumstances that are largely beyond their own control. Periods of interruption do not count towards the student’s total permitted period of study and do not incur any additional fees or charges. These circumstances might include:

  • Health reasons (mental or physical health problems)
  • Maternity/Paternity/Adoption/Family Leave
  • Employment opportunities/internships
  • Financial circumstances
  • Military Service

PGR degree regulations state that the maximum authorised interruption of study period will not exceed 100% of the Prescribed Period of Study (e.g. 36 months for full time PhD students).   Any single period of interruption should not be shorter than one month and must not exceed 12 months.

However, if you are in receipt of funding from an external funding body (e.g. UKRI/EPSRC) or external scholarship provider, the terms and conditions of your funding may place different restrictions in terms of duration and maximum interruption periods permitted during the course of your study.   See section below "Before Applying - Funding" for further information.

Authorised Interruption of Study Policy

When is an interruption not appropriate?

Interruptions are not appropriate where the student is able to work on the thesis but is not progressing at the expected rate where the reasons are foreseeable or to allow a student to undertake long-term periods of paid employment. In addition, interruptions are not available to permit students to take extended annual/holiday leave or to effectively extend the period available to the student to complete their thesis. In some circumstances an Extension to the Maximum End Date may be awarded.

Extension to the Maximum End Date

Interruption to Study Form

Before applying

Before applying , it is important to check whether there are any implications of interrupting your studies.

Applying for an interruption of studies

Requests for interuptions should occur only once a discussion between the student and the principal or lead supervisor has taken place and an interuption of studies is deemed appropriate.

 Absence pay entitlements

Travel Insurance

All Postgraduate Research students should make sure they have appropriate travel insurance in place before going on a trip. Please note that travel insurance provided by the University will not cover you for personal travel. For more information and where to apply please click here: Travel Insurance

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