Information on how you are assessed in 4th year.

Year 4 project

  • A substantial piece of independent work
  • Time managed by student. Start NOW and arrange a meeting with your supervisor.
  • Should be well into project by Christmas
  • Interim Report- end of Week 2, Semester
  • Do not underestimate the time needed for writing the report (about 5 weeks)
  • Not just routine hacking
  • Goals are usually flexible, but take account of feedback from supervisor and Group meeting reports

Calculators not provided at Informatics exams

If the use of a calculator is permitted in a take home exam, it is your responsibility to use your own calculator to do the exam. 

Only a calculator from the approved list specified in Policy 4.1.3 of the College of Science and Engineering Policy and Procedure of the Use of Calculators in Examinations 2020-21 may be used in Informatics exams.

Please note: You are entirely responsible for the working order of your calculators and batteries.   You are warned that although electronic calculators have a high degree of reliability, you should check the correct entry of data and the credibility of results. The commonest form of malfunction is due to the run down of batteries. 

Other schools within the University may have different policies on providing calculators; please make sure you check this before any exams.  If in doubt, take an approved calculator with you to the exam, just in case.

Progression to UG5

For students on an MInf degree, progression requirements are summarized in the School's Progression Guidance, or see your Degree Programme Table.

Overall degree classification

For all 4-year degrees within Informatics (single-honours, joint-honours, or “with” degrees), the overall classification is based on:
(ug3average + ug4average)*0.5.
For MInf students, the overall classification is based on:
ug3average*0.2 + (ug4average + ug5average)*0.4.
Classification of this resulting average is interpreted as:
above or equal to 70% 1st class
60%- 69% 2.1 (upper second)
50% - 59% 2.2 (lower second)
40%-49% 3 (third)
<40% an Ordinary

The Boards of Examiners use the following School policy when considering borderline cases :


Time management

  • Each course has a points value: Informatics ug4 courses are all 10 points except for the project (40 points).
  • Guideline: 1 point = 10 hours of effective student effort.
  • Conclusion: Project: 400 hours.
  • Each course: 100 hours. - Points value of a course includes everything: coursework, study, revision, and even exam time. These are guidelines, nothing is set in stone.

“normal year taken = 4” courses have earlier coursework deadlines:

  •  “no later than week 10” for semester 1 courses
  • “no later than week 9” for semester 2 courses
  •  coursework-only courses (SLIP, QSX) may have later deadlines
  • These earlier deadlines are designed to free-up time for the ug4 project (due mid-week 11, semester 2)

Access to exam scripts

If you wish to review the marks breakdown for an Online Exam, please contact the ITO once the last Board of Examiners meeting is concluded and the course result has been published, and ITO will provide a breakdown of the marks rubric via email.

All other information regarding viewing of exam scripts is included in the policy on the link below.