Welcome to year 4

Year 4 welcome timetable.

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Induction Events

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Principal Welcome Talk





Professor Peter Mathieson, Principal and Vice-Chancellor

Please note: the Principal Welcome Talk won't be on Informatics Events.

Informatics UG 2/3/4/5 School Welcome Talk

13/09/2021 (Monday) 14.00- 15.00 With: Jane Hillston, Head of School (20 Mins), Bjoern Franke, Director of Learning and Teaching (5 mins), Paul Jackson, Senior Tutor, Student Wellbeing (5 mins), Ammir (Informatics EUSA representative) 

Welcome talk hosted by the Head of School and the Director of Teaching

UG4/5 Year Organiser Talk/ Honours Project talk    


15.00-16.00 With Walid Magdy, Year Organiser - UG4 & 5 and Barbara Webb, Coordinator - Honours Project
Video: Introduction 2021
UG4/5 Introduction 2021

Good Scholarly Practice 


14:00 -14:30 With Professor Murray Cole, School Academic Misconduct Officer  

Q & A session with the Director of Learning and Teaching


14:00 -15:00 With Bjoern Franke  

(All events except the Principle Welcome Talk will be online accessible via the Learn Course “Informatics Events”, all students will be automatically enrolled)

 Personal Tutor meeting, confirming attendance and making course choices

During welcome week (Monday 14th - Friday 18th September 2020) or in Week 1 (Monday 21st - Friday 25th September 2020) you should arrange a one-to-one meeting with your Personal Tutor.  Information on how to prepare for your one-to-one meeting and how to contact your Personal Tutor is included in:Personal Tutor meeting, confirming attendance and making course choices

School's Personal Tutoring Statement

Before the meeting, use the online PATH tool to help make your course choices. Once you have selected them you can press a button to send your choices to your PT. At the meeting, your Personal Tutor will confirm your attendance, discuss your course choices, and enrol you on the courses.  Please note: You will not be fully matriculated as a student until you have confirmed your attendance.  You must have arrived and had your attendance confirmed before 17.00 on Friday 2nd October (week 2).  After this date you will be referred to the College Office and you may not be permitted to commence your studies.

University matriculation information

Degree and Course Information

The Degree web page provides links to all the degree programmes available to taught students in the School of Informatics. The Degree Programme Tables are linked from each degree, and are an essential resource to check that your course choices comply with the requirements for your degree.

Informatics Courses: A complete list of all courses taught by the School of Informatics can be found here: Informatics Course List. Details of the course content and assessment can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Course URL’ and ‘EUCLID Code’ links for each course. This will also take you to the course web page where lecture and course work material will be published throughout the year.

Lecture timetable: you can find the days and times for Informatics lectures here.

Computing Facilities

A list of Informatics computing facilities available in Appleton Tower can be found here.


Informatics Computing Support: Contact the Computing Support team if your enquiry is related to a technical problem.

Informatics Teaching Organisation (ITO): contact the Informatics Teaching Organisation (ITO) using the ‘Internal enquiries’ Contact Form if your enquiry is related to course administrative matters, for example if you need to change your course choice, or request an extension for course work. You can also report any building maintenance issues relating to Appleton Tower Levels 4, 5 and 6 to the ITO. If you are unsure who to contact regarding your question, please ask the ITO and we will be able to direct your enquiry.