The Spirit of LFCS Lab Lunches

LFCS Lab lunches - history and focus

The LFCS Lab Lunch was originally established to afford an informal gathering of LFCS members. This remains its focus. Whilst everyone is expected to contribute in terms of regular attendance and the odd occasional talk, it should be viewed as an opportunity to get to know others in the Lab whom you may not have daily, or even regular, contact with and as a way of informing yourself about what others are doing.

Although talks are likely to be primarily technical in nature, this is by no means an obligation on the part of the speaker -- subjects can, and indeed have, varied widely. The Lab lunch offers an opportunity to speak on matters of interest to you. Whether those are, for example, a particularly vexing problem in your research, general directions of and/or motivations for your research, a report on a recent conference or meeting you attended, or even 'what I did on vacation', the important point is that talks should be short (20 minutes or so) and relatively "lightweight". What Lab Lunch should not be seen as is "yet another theory seminar".

Please remember that you are among friends. Most lab members are interested in the broad scope of the work carried out here and are receptive to new, innovative and even weird ideas and comments (gossip is particularly welcome!). If there are things you'd like to know about LFCS or its operations then please let the Director know and they will try to arrange a talk about them. Most importantly, the Lab Lunch is your occasion -- please be pro-active about taking part.