Information for Lab Lunch Speakers

Prepare a talk for broad audience. Send your title and abstract in the week before your talk.

Here are what you can expect for your Lab Lunch talk: 

  • Before your talk
    • About 1 or 2 weeks before the talk, you will be contacted for a title and abstract 
    • Please send your title and abstract in the week before your talk. Note that like the talk, the title should be addressed to a general audience. So a paper abstract is probably not the right tone. Instead, consider writing a few short lines that attracts audience outside your area. 
    • You will need to bring your laptop to the talk. In case you do not have one. please contact Aris, the LFCS deputy director. The current projector has VGA port and usb-c to vga adapter. The microphone is connected via a usb-A port on the adapter (or on your latop). If your laptop does not have a usb c port, please get in touch. 
    • If your presentation requires an online presentation, like someone speaking remotely, or other audio output, please raise it beforehand so that we can ask the LFCS administrator to reserve a speaker and a suitable adapter  (like usb-C to usb-A). 
  • Preparing the talk
    • Please prepare a talk of about 20mins. With questions etc this is likely to take longer anyway.
    • The talk should be targeted at general LFCS audience, that is: general computer science research students outside your specialisation. Examples, pictures, humour, fun discussions are highly encouraged! See The Spirit of Lab Lunch.
  • At the talk
    • Please come to Miniforum 2 at 13:00 (or a few minutes earlier) to allow time for setup. 
    • Connect your laptop to the projector and the omnidirectional microphone.
    • If you need someone to talk remotely, or want to show something with sound, connect the speaker. 
    • If the talk is announced as hybrid, open the link in the talk announcement and share your screen.  Check that the external microphone is set to "O", selected as your mic device and can be heard by anyone attending online. 
    • Keep your speaker on, so that those online can ask questions.