Personal Tutor (Taught Students)

Personal Tutor (Taught Students) resposibilities.

A Personal Tutor is an academic member of staff assigned to assist students with all aspects of their University life.  This includes:

  • Review of past performance and engagement.
  • Advice on course and programme choices.
  • Assistance with course registration.
  • Interpretation of University rules and regulations.
  • Providing references.
  • General pastoral care.

A Personal Tutor meets individually with each of their tutees at least twice a year and also might participate in small group meetings with tutees.  Personal Tutors provide opportunities for students to reflect on the value of their learning experiences at university and how these can help them in their longer-term future development.  Personal Tutors also can foster in all students a sense of belonging to a community of learners.  Personal Tutors have help in fulfilling these duties from a variety of sources: the Student Support Team in the ITO assists where possible, the Senior Personal Tutor provides training, case history and advice, especially for more difficult cases, and the University has a range of support services that Personal Tutors can refer students on to.