03 October 2018 Agenda

Agenda for Informatics Board of Studies meeting at 2.00pm Wednesday 3rd October 2018 in Informatics Forum, Room 2.33


 Welcome to all members and introductions


Apologies  - Jane Hillston, Steven Renals


Draft Minutes of Previous Meeting - 18 July 2018


Matters Arising


Item 1) New Proposed Programme -  CDT in Biomedical AI (PhD) - Guido Sanguinetti


Item 2) New Proposed Programme -  UKRI CDT in Biomedical AI (MSc Res) - Guido Sanguinetti


Item 3) New Proposed Course - Biomedical Artificial Intelligence MSc project  -  Guido Sanguinetti


Item 4) New Proposed Course - Group project in Biomedical AI  - Guido Sanguinetti


Item 5) New Proposed Course - Issues in Clinical Data Modelling - Guido Sanguinetti


Item 6) New Proposed Programme -  UKRI CDT in Natural Language Processing - Adam Lopez


Item 7) New Proposed Course - Individual Project in Advanced Natural Language Processing (IPANLP) - Adam Lopez & Frank Keller


Item 8) New Proposed Course - Group Project in Advanced Natural Language Processing (GPANLP) - Adam Lopez & Frank Keller


Item 9) New Proposed Course - Doing Research in Natural Language Processing (DRNLP) - Adam Lopez & Frank Keller


Item 10) New Proposed Course - Computer Design and Computer Architecture - Nigel Topham


Item 11)  For Information - Focusing/differentiating the MSc degrees - Sharon Goldwater


Item 12)  For Information - Proposed Sem 2 instance for Postgraduate Course: Introductory Applied Machine Learning (INFR11182 ) - Nigel Goddard

*****Awaiting supporting document


Item 13)  For Information - Flipping Data Mining and Exploration (INFR11007) - Arno Onken & Bob Fisher

*****Awaiting supporting document


Item 14)  For Information - Programmes that were updated/changed over summer 2018

  1. Data Science (MSc) & Data Science (MSc)(R) Degree Programmes replaced 3x Maths courses that are no longer running  (Nonlinear Optimization  MATH11031 10 credits, Combinatorial Optimization MATH11030  5 credits, Stochastic Optimization MATH11010 5 credits), with 2x courses; Integ and Cominatorial Optimisation MATH11192 10 credits & Topics in Applied Optimisation MATH11194 10 credits.

  2. Informatics (MInf) (UTINFMT) Degree Programme removed hurdle wording "Entry to Third Year requires passes at 50% or above at the first attempt in at least 40 credit points' worth of the Informatics 2 courses listed together with passes in all remaining compulsory courses, or the permission of Head of School." from the Year 2 2018/19 DPT. (Note: Yr 3 to Yr 4 hurdle is to remain as is).


Item 15)  For Information - Courses that were updated/changed over summer 2018

  1. Introduction to Vision and Robotics (INFR09019) now has a December exam diet, and an August Resit. The April/May diet option has been removed.
  2. Data Mining and Exploration (INFR11007) removed Probabilistic Modelling and Reasoning (INFR11134) as a c o-requisites.

  3. Extreme Computing (INFR11088) change to assessment weightings from 50% for two assignments; 50% for the exam to 40% for a single assignment; 60% for the exam. There will be no more practical labs.

  4. Introduction to Modern Cryptography (INFR11131) moved course from Semester 1 to Semester 2 for academic session 2018/19.

  5. Computer Programming Skills and Concepts (INFR08022) assessment weightings changed from 90% exam; 10% coursework to 80% exam; 20% coursework.

  6. Algorithmic Game Theory and its Applications (INFR11020) assessment weightings changed from 70% exam; 20% coursework to 80% exam; 20% coursework.

  7. Internet of Things Systems, Security, and the Cloud (IoTSSC) (INFR11146) moved Computer Communications and Networks (INFR10074) from pre-requisites to co-requisities.

  8. Advanced Vision (Level 11) (INFR11031) & Advanced Vision [DL] (INFR11151) changed assessment weightings from 25% coursework; 75% exam to 30% coursework; 70% exam.

  9. Principles and Design of IoT Systems (INFR11150) deleted Computer Communications and Networks (INFR10074) as a pre-requisite and moved IAML INFR10069 to be a co-requisite.

  10. Informatics Distance Learning Courses removed from Informatics DPTs -
  • Advanced Vision INFR11151
  • Introductory Applied Machine Learning
  • INFR11152, Introduction to Java Programming INFR09050
  • Image and Vision Computing INFR11155
  • Introduction to Vision and Robotics INFR11153
  • Natural Computing INFR11165
  • Performance Modelling INFR11154


AOCB (Any Other Current Business)