07 November 2018 Agenda

Agenda for Informatics Board of Studies meeting at 2.00pm Wednesday 7th November 2018 in Informatics Forum, Room 2.33

 Welcome to all members and introductions


Apologies  - James Kirby


Draft Minutes of Previous Meeting -  03 October 2018


Matters Arising


Item 1) New Course Proposal - Introduction to Computer Systems (INF2C-CS) (20 credits) - Boris Grot


Item 2) New CDT Programme in Biomedical Artificial Intelligence - Guido Sanguinetti:


2a) New MSc by Research in Biomedical AI (Year 1 of CDT) - Stage 2 College Form


2b) New PhD in Biomedical AI (Year 2 - 4 of CDT) - Stage 2 College Form


2c) Draft Degree Programme Table - MSc by Research in Biomedical AI


2d) New Full Course Proposal - Issues in Clinical Data Modelling (10 credits)


2e) New Full Course Proposal - Individual Research Project (Biomedical AI) (80 credits)


2f) New Full Course Proposal - Group Research Project (Biomedical AI) (40 credits)


3) FOR INFORMATION - New 'Full Course Proposal' webmark form to be launched as a pilot. Feedback and comments welcome to iss-bos@inf.ed.ac.uk - Vicky Mactaggart & Alexandra Welsh



4) FOR INFORMATION - Consistent course titles/abbreviations agreed for new CDT related courses - Vicky Mactaggart



AOCB (Any Other Current Business)