19 February 2020 Agenda

Agenda for Informatics Board of Studies meeting on Wednesday, 19th February 2020, 14:30hrs-16:30 hrs in Appleton Tower, Room 7:14

Bring your own laptops or tablets

Please remember that we do not provide hard copies of agenda items or their supporting documents at the Board of Studies meetings. Please ensure you bring your laptops or tablets with you in order to view this agenda and it's items during the meeting. You will likely need to sign in to the wi-fi 'eduroam' using your DICE credentials.

Welcome to all members and introductions


Draft Minutes of Previous Meeting  - 15 Jan 2020


Matters Arising


Item 6 to be taken first:

19022020_BoS Item 6 Proposed changes to the Assessment of Informatics 1-FP - Introduction to Computation: replacing programming exam with continuous assessment / course work - Philip Wadler


19022020_BoS Item 1 New Programme Proposal - BSc Graduate Apprenticeship in Data Science - Mary Cryan and Heather Yorston

This is a revision of the existing DPT for the undergraduate Graduate Apprenticeship in Data Science due to changes in the courses available, and discussion regarding the details of the 3rd and 4th year placements at the Industrial partner(s).


19022020_BoS Item 2 New Course Proposal  - Honours project (Data Science Graduate Apprenticeship) - Mary Cryan and Heather Yorston

This is a new course proposal making explicit the requirement that the project should involve/relate-to the work the student does during their 4th year placement.


19022020_BoS Item 3 Revised Course Proposal -  INF2-SEPP

Since December, the original plan for resourcing the development and delivery of the new course Inf2-SEPP have fallen apart. This proposal presents a revised version that is feasible for 2020/21 and moves us incrementally towards the original version, which we now plan to deliver in 2021/22.


19022020_BoS Item 4 Updates to UG DPTs - Sharon Goldwater

This paper proposes five sets of updates.


19022020_BoS Item 5 Course Revision - Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science - Julian Bradfield

The curriculum review requires some (relatively minor) changes to ITCS. The attached proposal describes the changes (and says NO CHANGE for the majority of fields, where info remains as present). Summary of changes: Content: remove material at the end on type inference and polymorphism (thereby reducing problematic overlap with EPL). Insert material at the beginning on (non-)deterministic and pushdown automata, pumping lemma, etc. (To be determined precisely when lectures are written.) Assessment weighting: change from 25%CW to 20%CW. Assessment components: change from 2 assessed hand-ins (weeks 5 and 9) to 1 formative (week 4) and 1 assessed (week 9).


19022020_BoS Item 7 Courses not to Roll Forward 2020/21

Spreadsheet listing courses closed in 19/20 and also courses that will not run in 20/21


19022020_BoS Item 8 STN Exam Move to Semester 1 - Rik Sarkar

STN is a semester 1 course that is currently examined April/May diet. We should move the examination to semester 1 for two reasons.

First, this prevents sem 1 visiting students from taking the course. The course was quite popular among visiting students when they could take it. Second, the regular students have complained about examination in a different semester, and have expressed preference for same semester exam.


19022020_BoS Item 9 - Change of Name for Randomness and Computation - Kousha Etessami

Proposal to change the above name to Randomized Algorithms


19022020_BoS Item 10 EPCC CSE New Programme Proposal Stages 1 and 2 - PhD: High Performance Computing, Computational and Data Science, Software Engineering - Mark Parsons, Mark Bull

Stage 1 and Stage 2 proposal documentation for the creation of a new PhD code for EPCC student (currently hosted on ICSA code)


19022020_BoS Item 11 New Course Proposal Programming Skills - Ben Morse, David Henty, Adam Carter, Mike Jackson

Proposal for Online Programming Skills course (online version of INFR11177)


19022020_BoS Item 12 New Course Proposal Software Development - Ben Morse, David Henty, Adam Carter, Mike Jackson

Proposal for Online Software Development course (online version of INFR11172)


19022020_BoS Item 13 New Course Proposal Data Visualisation for Professionals - Benjamin Bach

To be discussed if there is time......


AOCB (Any Other Current Business)  

SDP course plans to cope with rising student numbers