21 March 2018 Agenda

Agenda for the Informatics Board of Studies meeting at 2.00pm Wednesday 21st March 2018 in Appleton Tower, Room 7.14. This meeting replaces the original meeting that was scheduled for 21st February 2018 and the rescheduled meeting for 14th March 2018.

1. Welcome and Introductions


2. Apologies - Don Sannella, Kami Vaniea, George Kinnear, Les Haworth, Paul Anderson, Alex Lascarides.


3. Minutes of Previous Meeting - 07 February 2018. Please note, these minutes have not been approved by the Convenor.


4. Matters Arising


5. Full  Course Proposal - Algorithmic Foundations of Data Science - He Sun


6. New Course Proposal - Usable Security and Privacy - Kami Vaniea


7. New Course Proposal - Informatics Large Practical - Stephen Gilmore


8. New Course Proposal - DSTI Dissertation (Informatics) - Bob Fisher


9. New Proposal for a PhD in Pervasive Parallelism (Part-time) - Murray Cole


10. New Course Proposal for Natural Computing (NC) - Michael Herrmann


11. New Course Proposal for Artificial Intelligence, Present and Future - Alan Smaill


12. Update Proposal - Computational Complexity (INFR11102) - Heng Guo


13. Update Proposal - DPTs for MSc and MScR in Data Science - Sharon Goldwater & Adam Lopez


14. Full Course Proposal for Natural Language Processing 2 - Adam Lopez & Rico Sennrich


15. Possible issues with MSc AI DPTs 2018 - Vicky Mactaggart


16. EPCC Timetabling for 2018/19 - Ben Morse

**Please see extra documents (SBOS Papers Zip File) to follow in BoS email as too large to upload on to this web page.


17. UNISTATS Most Popular Course Enrolments - Vicky Mactaggart

**Please see extra document (14032018_BoS_UNISTATS Most_Popular_Course_Enrolments_2018_9) to follow in BoS email as too large to upload on to this web page.


18. New Course Proposals/Changes to Neural Computation (INFR11008) and Bioinformatics 1 (INFR11016) - Sharon Goldwater & Matthias Hennig

Current 2017/18 Neural Computation (INFR11008) DRPS Page

Current 2017/18 Bioinformatics 1 (INFR11016) DRPS Page


19. New Course Proposals/Changes to Introductory Applied Machine Learning (INFR10069) - Nigel Goddard


20. For Information - Convenor's Action Changes


21. AOCB (Any other current business)