29 April 2020 Agenda

Agenda for Informatics Board of Studies meeting on Wednesday, 29th April 2020, 14:00hrs-16:00 hrs online

Bring your own laptops or tablets

Please remember that we do not provide hard copies of agenda items or their supporting documents at the Board of Studies meetings. Please ensure you bring your laptops or tablets with you in order to view this agenda and it's items during the meeting. You will likely need to sign in to the wi-fi 'eduroam' using your DICE credentials.

Welcome to all members and introductions


Draft Minutes of Previous Meeting  - 19  Feb 2020


Matters Arising


29042020_BoS Item 1 - Performance Modelling (Distance Learning) - Jane Hillston

Performance Modelling (Distance Learning): Change to pre-requisite courses: add Probability and Statistics (MATH11204) (or equivalent).  This course is being made available to DSTI students from this year prior to this no such course was available.  To be presented by Stuart Anderson for Jane Hillston.


29042020_BoS Item 2 - Minor update to the CogSci DPT approved at last BoS - Sharon Goldwater



29042020_BoS Item 3 - INF1A proposed amendments - Philip Wadler and Michael Fourman


29042020_BoS Item 4 - Proposed DPT changes for CDT 1st year MSc(R) programme - Ian Simpson



AOCB (Any Other Current Business)