TC Agenda 14th August 2019

Teaching Committee Agenda for 14th August 2019.

Meeting Agenda

Informatics Teaching Committee Agenda

14.00hrs, Appleton Tower room 7.14



19.61: Apologies for absence: Paul Patras, Ram Ramamoorthy, Vassilis Zikas, Julian Bradfield, Barbara Webb, Ajitha Rajan, Stev Tonneau, Kami Vaniea, Peggy Series, Paolo Guagliardo, Paul Anderson, Paul Jackson, Heather Yorston, He Sun

19.62: Minutes of Previous Meetings

19.63: Matters Arising

18.59-01: Software Options for Coursework Submission

ACTION 1: Circulate survey document ‘Coursework submission, marking and feedback’ and discuss at Strategy Committee - COMPLETED

RESPONSE: Submit will now continue on a case by case basis for 2019/20.  ITO will compile a list as staff respond and will liaise with Support.

ACTION 2: Survey document to be shared on Infweb – COMPLETED – Retirement of Submit information and survey document added to Informatics Learning Technology Blog instead of Infweb:


18.59-02: Course Moderation Guidelines

There needs to be better guidance on moderation – a standardised process and possible examples of what marking looks like to ensure consistency across the board. 

Gillian Bell has also followed up with the BoE Convenors for further comment since May’s meeting.

OUTSTANDING ACTION: A guidance document to be produced by start of the next academic year – Stuart Anderson to work in collaboration with BoE Convenors.


19.27: Exam Marking Policy – Director of Learning and Teaching

Minutes from 10 April 2019:

“The proposal is to set a policy that governs who can mark exam scripts, and where they can be marked. The DOLT’s initial take on the subject was:

  • If the academic who set the paper is going to mark it then they can take it out of the building provided they take full responsibility for any loss.
  • Otherwise the academic who set the paper is responsible for the security of the papers and to assist with this we require all marking to take place in the Forum or AT.

One member of staff asked whether staff should be allowed to take papers out of Edinburgh, as papers have been lost in the past during travel.

Another pointed out the need to define exactly who markers are in the policy, considering that PhDs mark papers”

OUTSTANDING ACTION: Revise and bring back to next TC – Stuart Anderson


19.56: Alteration of all Exam Rubrics

There is no standardised open book or closed book rubric, therefore to this some course organisers are not setting exams as open book due to lack of rubric.  There should be clarification of each exam and a rubric/template available as to whether the exam is open or closed book.

ACTION 1: Draft of rubric to be brought to meeting – Stuart Anderson

ACTION 2: Advertise role of writing template (reinstate role?) – Stuart Anderson to speak to Iain Murray what role should be

ACTION 3: Check how many exams have been open book in the last couple of years – ITO – COMPLETED - 2017/18 – Total of 9 exam papers were set as open book (DMMR, INF1-FP, PI, CQI, INF1-OP, PMR (A4 page with notes front to back), RL, SAPM, ST); 2018/19 – Total of 6 exam papers were set as open book (DMMR, INF1A(FP), PI, INF1-OP, SAPM, ST)


19.58: Teaching Support Staff Policy

New policy approved by strategy committee in May 2019.  This should make it easier for ITO to approve many bids by default without asking DoLT for approval (based on course size estimates).

ACTION: Categories on the form do not match what is in policy online – take to teaching executive meeting for collaboration of what is online ( – COMPLETED


19.60-01: Collaboration of items approved at TC in prior meetings that have not been addressed.

ACTION: ITO – Gillian Bell and Sam Stewart to make list - COMPLETED

  • Outstanding Teaching Committee Actions:

18.63: Teaching Programme Review – Stuart Anderson

19.04: Establishing a Welfare and Support Sub-Committee of Teaching Committee – DoLT

“The DoLT introduced the proposal by reflecting upon the sad cases of suicide within Informatics over the last year. He drew attention to the issue that decisions made by the School did not automatically take into account the effect on the welfare of the student body. In effect the proposed Sub-Committee would act like an independent watchdog in welfare and support matters. The proposal was approved.

ACTION: The DoLT and Senior Tutor are to recruit the sub-committee.

19.26: Mandatory Unconscious Bias Training for Tutors/Demonstrators – N.Heatley / B.Fisher – COMPLETED – All new Tutors and Demonstrators will undertake training through Teaching Support Team

19.36: Recruitment Report – Recruitment Officer

Convenor to locate a staff member to provide MSc Cognitive Science information. RESPONSE: Alan Smaill has spoken to Henry Thompson about this. Information sheets on courses, written by Sharon Goldwater and Ajitha Rajan, have been recently updated.

ACTION: Alan Smaill, Henry Thomson and Katey Lee to meet and discuss.

19.60-02: Peer Observation of Teaching

ACTION 1: Teaching Lunch – GB – COMPLETED

ACTION 2: Email to teaching staff in August – In Progress – GB

ACTION 3: Embed Peer Observation of Teaching in PDR – see PDR form.  In progress, HoS has communicated with Heads of Institute to implement with teaching staff. 

19.60-03: Course Enhancement Questionnaire to be included in PDR - see PDR form.  In progress as above, HoS has communicated with Heads of Institute to implement with teaching staff.

ACTION: Most recent comments to be circulated – GB


19.62: NSS - Information Only - S.Anderson


19.63: Exam Script Viewing - P.Jackson - Roll over to next TC meeting on 11 September 2019


19.64: Key Changes to Taught Assessment Regulations 2019/20 - Information Only -  G.Bell, K. Lee


19.65: Date of next Teaching Committee - Wednesday 11th September 2019

19.66: AOCB

19.66-01: Teaching Lunches - Call for Topics - G.Bell