Letters of Support

Preparing a research proposal or bid ‐ many grant and fellowship applications require a letter of support from the Head of School or other senior postholder. Depending on the requirements of funder or partner and the availability of the key individuals, this can take some time. The sooner the need is flagged, the better.

Requesting a Letter of Support from Head of School - please contact your portfolio manager immediately. All letters go through the Director of Research. Cover letters which simply need a signature authorising submission will require a copy of the full proposal as well as the terms and conditions of the bid and it may be possible to have them signed within 3 working days (depending on availability) but where a resource commitment (staff time, facilities, sacrifice of eligible costs, contribution of studentships or any other cash or in-kind) is required please give a minimum of 5 working days for the Director of Research to discuss before sign-off and also include any evidence of agreement to other commitments from partners. Principal Investigators should provide a modifiable draft of the Letter of Support. The draft should be in .docx, .tex or .txt format.