Letters of Support, Host Organisation Statements requiring Head of School signature

How and when to request a letter of support to accompany a research grant or fellowship proposal

Letters of support or host statements which must include specific applicant and proposal detail and/or where resource commitment is expected, typically fellowships or large grants, are dealt with by the Director of Research.

  • The DoR should be informed as soon as you see this condition in your call documentation, and will provide you with a timeline and any draft requirements.
  • Typically you, perhaps in conjunction with your mentor, will write the first draft of the letter
  • At a minimum the DoR expects to receive the draft letter, draft proposal and any other required information 10 days before the final submission deadline (note that this may be the funder's deadline or an internally set deadline)
  • Where you are seeking a resource commitment (staff time, facilities, contribution to studentships, sacrifice of eligible costs or any other cash or in-kind offer) please provide the Head of Research Services (kirstin.unwin@ed.ac.uk) with the draft proposal, finalised costs and evidence of any partner contributions 2 working days before the DoR’s deadline.

Letters which simply need a signature verifying approval for submission should be accompanied by Portfolio Manager confirmation that the proposal meets the funder terms and conditions, has been fully costed and gone through the appropriate internal review. The Portfolio Manager will also highlight any additional risk or commitment associated with submission and will request sign-off through the Head of School’s PA. Requests must be made at least 5 working days in advance of deadline.