Links and Networks

The list of networks we are part of, as well as the relevant courses we teach.


We are part of the following networks:

Network Website
LFCS, Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science Insitute website
QCA, Quantum Computing Application QCA cluster
NQCC, National Quantum Computing Centre NQCC website
QUISCO, Quantum Information Scotland QUISCO network
QCS, Quantum Computing and Simulation hub QCS Hub website
QC, Quantum Communications hub QC Hub website
CLAP Scotland, Categories, Logic and Physics, Scotland CLAP Forum website
PCQC, Paris Center for Quantum Computation PCQC website
LIP6, Quantum Information Group, Paris QI LIP6 website

Relevant courses

We also teach the following courses:

Course Lecturer
Introduction to Quantum Computing Dr Raul Garcia-Patron and Dr Petros Wallden
Categories and Quantum Informatics Dr Chris Heunen
Quantum Cyber Security Dr Petros Wallden and Dr Raul Garcia-Patron