ANC Workshop - Yizhou Fan

Tuesday, 25th October 2022

Measuring and facilitating learners' self-regulated learning

Abstract: Prior research has shown that SRL skills are essential for successful life-long learning. Measuring SRL based on unobtrusive trace data and facilitating SRL based on real-time analysis, and such trace data have been pointed out as very valuable research directions. However, major challenges and significant gaps in this area are still many, such as i) the detection, measurement, and validation of SRL processes with trace data is still a much-debated issue within the SRL community; and ii) the design principles for effective interventions and the complex conditions and contexts when these interventions facilitated learning are still not known. Therefore, in this talk I will introduce three sub-studies: i) Improving the measurement of self‐regulated learning using multi‐channel data; ii) Towards investigating the validity of measurement of self-regulated learning based on trace data; iii) Analytics of Personalized Scaffoldings for Self-regulated Learning: Effects on Learning Processes.

Event type: Workshop

Date: Tuesday, 25th October 2022

Time: 11:00

Location: G.03

Speaker(s): Yizhou Fan

Chair/Host: Antonio Vergari