School of Informatics policies, procedures and guidance.

General policies

Audio-visual content on School of Informatics websites policy

Events policy

Health & Safety policies

Joint appointments

Publications policy

Room hire charges - Informatics Forum

Sabbatical leave

Staff expenses policy

Website change policy

Research Funding Policies

Requesting Letter of Support from Head of School - please contact your portfolio manager immediately. Letters which simply need a signature will require a copy of the full proposal and it may be possible to have them signed within 3 days (depending on availability) but where a resource commitment (staff time, facilities, sacrifice of eligible costs) is required please give a minimum of 5 days for the Director of Research to discuss before sign-off. More detailed policy to follow.

Student-related policies

Academic misconduct policy

Employment of UG and MSc tutors

Exam Borderlines Policy

Exam format: rubric and out-of values

Revised Exam Scrutiny Process

Teaching Committee policy on timing of examinations

Teaching support staff policy

School of Informatics Hybrid Learning & Teaching Approach for 2020/21 (secured)

Tier 4 student attendance and engagement monitoring policy for Informatics taught students (UG and PGT) 

Tier 4 student attendance and engagement monitoring policy for Informatics postgraduate research students (PGR)

Use of student data on course webpages

Teaching Commitee policy on Moderation Process

Space policies

Research staff allocation policy

Room allocation policy

Student desk allocation policy

Visitor policies

PGR visiting student policy

PGT visiting student policy

UG visiting student policy

Visitor policy


Allocation of duties process


Overseas travel

Delegated Head of School authority

Guidelines on plagiarism

Implications of institute membership

Job description for directors of institutes

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