20 February 2019 Agenda

Agenda for Informatics Board of Studies meeting at 2.00pm Wednesday 20th February 2019 in Informatics Forum, Room 2.33.

This meeting replaces the one that was due to take place on 6th February 2019. This is the final Informatics Board of Studies meeting agenda for 2018/19.


Bring your own laptops or tablets

Please remember that we do not provide hard copies of agenda items or their supporting documents at the Board of Studies meetings. Please ensure you bring your laptops or tablets with you in order to view this agenda and it's items during the meeting. You will likely need to sign in to 'eduroam'.

 Welcome to all members and introductions


Apologies  - Don Sannella,


Draft Minutes of Previous Meeting -  16 January 2019


Matters Arising


Item 1) Course Proposal Change - Exams & Coursework Weighting for Database Systems - Paolo Guagliardo


Item 2) Course Proposal Changes - Differentiate DL courses vs on-campus versions – Sharon Goldwater


Item 3) Course Proposal Change – INF2B (from 20 credits to 10 credits) – Sharon Goldwater


Item 4) Course & DPT Proposal Change - Course Tags, Collection and DPT changes – Sharon Goldwater


Item 5) DPT Changes_Amendments to the Data Science DPT - Sharon Goldwater


Item 6) Course Proposal Change – INF1A (alter assessment) – Mike Fourman (representing Don Sannella)


Item 7) New Course Proposal - The Impact of Informatics - Mike Fourman


Item 8) New Course Proposal Computing in the classroom - Judy Robertson and Paul Patras


Item 9) New Course Proposal - Data Visualisation – Benjamin Bach


Item 10) New Course UPDATE - Informatics 1B - Nomination to make course "core" for 2019/20 - Stuart Anderson & Volker Seeker

Proposal to make this course "core" means that not only will it be compulsory for all 1st Year Informatics students, but they must also pass the course at 40% or more before they are allowed to progress into 2nd Year. This will be the first Informatics "core" course, as currently all other courses are allowed to be carried and reassessed in 2nd Year.


Item 11) New Course Proposal - Data-driven business and behavioural analytics Valerio Restocchi 


Item 12) New Programme Proposal - MSc Business Informatics – Tiejun Ma


Item 13) New Programme Proposal - MSc in High Performance Computing (Distance Learning) and 

MSc in High Performance Computing with Data Science (Distance Learning) - David Henty & Ben Morse (EPCC)


Item 14) New Programme Proposal - MSc in Advanced Artificial Intelligence - Stuart Anderson


Item 15) For Information Only - Closing VV1 Instances on Informatics Courses (Gill Bell’s item from BoS 16/01/2019)


Item 16) For Information Only - New PGR Programme - Dual PhD Degree PUC Chile and Informatics (Stuart Anderson, on behalf of Don Sannella)


Item 17) For Information Only - Unistats Data of Most Popular Course Enrolments  -  Vicky Mactaggart


AOCB (Any Other Current Business)