TC Agenda 13th September 2017

Teaching Committee Agenda for 13th September 2017.

Meeting Agenda

Informatics Teaching Committee Agenda

Wednesday 13th September 2017 14.00hrs, Informatics Forum, Turing Room (IF-5.42)



18.01 Apologies for absence - Paul Anderson, Gillian Bell

18.02. Minutes of previous meetings

18.03. Matters Arising


(Extraordinary TC 29th June 2017; Item 2) - Late Submission of Coursework.

ACTIONS: The Convenor, DoT and Gillian Bell shall contact Computing Support about the process of adapting the submit command so that it supports the proposed functionality. The DoT would also contact the Teaching Staff about the proposed changes.

RESPONSE: Late Coursework & Extension Requests webpage updated with policy on 5% daily penalties, Gillian Bell - see here.


(TC 10th May 2017, Matters Arising 3.2) - Revised Exam Scrutiny Process.

ACTION: ITO to add policy to website, and email Y.O’s and Convenors - COMPLETE.

ACTION: Teaching Committee policy page to be created and this item to be added - ITO / Communication Team - OUTSTANDING.

ACTION: Alan Smail to produce Scrutiny Tracking document  - see below.


(TC 10th May 2017, Matter Arising 6.2) - Coursework Deadlines.

ACTION: ITO to look into the creation of a School of Informatics webpage (perhaps with a Google Calendar) that lists all coursework deadlines. RESPONSE: COMPLETE.

ACTION: The Theon functionality which deals with coursework deadlines needs to be decommissioned -  Gillian Bell / Tim Colles. RESPONSE: COMPLETE.


(TC May 10th, Item 4) - Proposal to Remove Elevated Hurdles for Progression to Honours - B. Franke. 

ACTION: DoT to contact other schools regarding Joint programmes - OUTSTANDING.


(TC March 2017, Item 9) - Appointment of Academic Outreach and Public Engagement Officer, H.Pain. COMPLETE: Paul Patras appointed.

18.04 Moderating IPP Marks - G. Sanguinetti

18.05 Types and Semantics for Programming Languages (INFR11114)  - change in exam period from December and May to December only.

18.06 Director Of Teaching's Report

18.07 Recruitment Committee Report

18.08 AOCB: Change in Granting Extensions for Coursework: ITO Staff to be able to grant full 7 day extensions, Gregor Hall for Gillian Bell.