Course times and structure

When and where your lectures will be, credit values, and what to expect from courses

Course times and locations

The University provides a personalized timetable once you've registered for courses. Use PATH or the Timetable Browser tool while you are considering course options, to help avoid clashes. Many courses have multiple options for some sessions (such as "tutorials", "workshops", or "labs") where you only need to attend one of the sessions. You are usually assigned to one of the groups after the course has begun.


Information about personalized timetables 

Course levels

Each course is assigned a level. MSc courses are all level 11. You may also take a limited number of Level 10 courses (20-30 credits for most degrees). These are designed for third year and fourth year undergraduates but may be of interest and value as part of an MSc programme.

Course credits and structure

Informatics courses are worth either 10 or 20 credit points (nominally equivalent to 100 or 200 hours' student effort). 10-credit courses typically have 15-20 hours of lecture (2 hours per week), and 20-credit courses typically have around 30 hours of lectures (3 hours per week), although some courses may have a different structure. Many courses (especially 20-credit courses) also have additional contact hours such as tutorials (small group meetings) or labs.

All courses expect students to spend a significant amount of time outside of class on unassessed work such as reading and working through exercises. Most courses also have one or more assignments that must be submitted by specified deadlines during the semester and are assessed for credit. A few courses are assessed entirely based on assignments or on the exam, but most have both.  

The relative weightings of the assignments and exam in the final mark for each course are given in the Sortable Course List, and also in the course descriptor for each course, which is linked from the Sortable List. (Click on the EUCLID code to see the course descriptor).

Informatics Sortable Course List