Welcome to Edinburgh

Welcome week information for MSc taught students.

Welcome Week 2022/23: Date TBC September to Date September 2022

Welcome Week is the week prior to the first week of the academic semester. Please see below a couple of helpful links to guide you through Welcome Week and  the Top 6 tasks you need to complete in the first week, to enable you to begin your studies with us.

Essential Induction events

Please see below a list of the essential induction events you must attend.  


Visiting Students Welcome  (for visiting student only)


 Date TBC

Informatics Postgraduate School Welcome

Date TBC
Introduction to Postgraduate Taught MSc
Date TBC

Meet your programme

Date TBC

To access all welcome events, please activate LEARN and log-in to course 'Informatics Events' 


Matriculation is the process by which you officially enrol at the University. Please see the link below and follow the steps to complete the matriculation process.

Meeting your Personal Tutor, confirming attendance and making course choices - Information for 2022/23 TBC

Your Personal Tutor will be assigned to you at the beginning of September. During Welcome Week they will contact you to set up an initial meeting. At this meeting your personal tutor will confirm your attendance, discuss your course choices and enrol you on your chosen courses.