Health, Safety & Wellbeing Committee

An overview of Health, Safety & Wellbeing Committee



The Health, Safety & Wellbeing Committee (the Committee) advises the Head of School and Strategy Committee on health, safety and wellbeing matters that impact the School’s staff and students.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Review and monitor implementation and effectiveness of the School's health and safety policy and safe codes of working practice.
  • Act as a forum for consultation and discussion on matters relating to health, safety and wellbeing. 
  • Examine and discuss the findings of internal and external safety inspections and audits. 
  • Review the School's accident and near-miss incident reports to identify health and safety risks that need to be addressed.
  • Support the promotion of health and safety awareness and training across the School.
  • Monitor and encourage First Aider and Fire Steward representation across the School.
  • Promote the wellbeing of staff and students; identify and implement initiatives to enhance wellbeing.
  • Monitor, encourage and promote the School’s Mental Health First Aiders Network within the School.
  • Receive regular reports from MOBUG meetings to ensure the health, safety and security of the School’s staff and students.
  • During the Covid-19 global pandemic, oversee the School’s response to health and safety compliance and staff and student wellbeing.

The Committee does not have responsibility for building and facilities matters unless issues arise that present a health and safety risk, or impact the general wellbeing of our staff and students.   Health and safety concerns that require repairs to the School’s buildings or facilities will be referred to the Buildings Committee.



Member Category How Appointed Incumbent
Head of School (Chair) Ex officio Helen Hastie
Director of Professional Services (Deputy Chair) Ex officio Joy Candlish
Health and Safety Advisor Ex officio Eilidh Guild
Buildings Manager Ex Officio Dave Hamilton
Laboratory Management Representative Appointed Saied Samadi
Staffing Support Manager Ex officio Ria Murdoch
Technical Staff Representative Appointed Douglas Howie
Computing Staff  Representative Appointed Mohammed Javaid
Student Services Representative (representing Student Services staff and the interests of taught and PGR students) Appointed

Patrick Hudson

Gillian Bell

Academic and Teaching Staff Representatives (x2) Appointed

Aris Filos-Ratsikas


Research Staff Representative (x2) Appointed

Li-yao Xia

Chris Vasiladiotis

PGR Student Representative Appointed


In attendance as required



Officer to the Committee: Health and Safety Advisor

Clerk to the Committee:  Facilities Supervisor or nominee

Appointment of Members and term of office

Appointed members shall be appointed from the respective constituency with the support of the membership of that constituency.

Appointed members shall serve for a term of two consecutive years with the option of an extension for a further year.


Others may attend meetings of the Committee, at the discretion of the Chair, as the business of the committee may determine.


At the discretion of the Chair, members who are unable to attend may nominate a substitute, who will act with the member’s authority.


To Strategy Committee via Head of School.

Frequency of meetings

The Committee meets three times a year.


Minutes and Papers

All papers presented to this committee must use the template below:

Date Agenda Papers Minutes
20th June 2023    
28th February 2023


23rd November 2022  
19th July 2022  
19th April 2022
29th November 2021


9th June 2021  
12th December 2019  
17th June 2019  
6th December 2017  
31st May 2017  
30th September 2016    
13th February 2015    


Minutes of previous meetings.

Raising an Issue

Any member of School who wishes to raise a health, safety or wellbeing related item at this Committee should inform their Committee Representative or the Health and Safety Manager/Assistant.

Health & Safety Contacts



Multi-Occupancy Building Users Group (MOBUG) Committees are established for Appleton Tower, the Forum and Potterrow to focus on fire safety and building related issues. The convener, the School's Health & Safety Advisor, is given the authority by the Head of School to ensure that all fire safety matters appertaining to both buildings are maintained. The MOBUG committees have representatives from the Fire Safety Unit, Estates and Buildings and each Department or Unit occupying the building.


MOBUG committees are also established for Wilkie Building and Bayes Centre.  The school's Health & Safety Advisor is a member of these MOBUGS and can be contacted for any queries in relation to those MOBUGS.