Computing Strategy Group

Computing Strategy Group meets five times a year and is chaired by the Director of Computing.


  • To develop the School’s Computing Strategy to ensure that the School’s computing facilities, services (whether internally or externally provided) and third-party systems efficiently and effectively support the School’s research and teaching objectives. 
  • To develop and oversee implementation of the School’s annual computing plan, identifying priority actions and projects to ensure delivery of the School’s Computing Strategy.   It is likely that the Committee will set up fixed term working groups to develop recommendations on key issues and/or implement elements of the annual plan.  These working groups will report back to the Committee on a regular basis.
  • To review business cases for significant investment in computing infrastructure and make recommendations to Head of School. 

The Computing Strategy Group does not have responsibility for operational computing matters, unless issues arise that have the potential to impact the School’s ability to deliver on its research and teaching objectives and require a strategic solution.


Director of Computing (Chair) Ex officio Boris Grot

Director of Teaching

Ex officio                                                           

Björn Franke                          

Director of Research Ex officio Ajitha Rajan
Head of School (Deputy Chair) Ex officio

Helen Hastie

Head of Computing Ex officio Alastair Scobie
Head of Computing Research and Teaching Unit Ex officio Tim Colles
Director of Professional Services Ex officio Joy Candlish

Officer to the Committee: Head of Computing

Clerk to the Committee:  Meetings will be scheduled by the School Office (PA to Head of School or Secretary) who may also assist with the collation and dissemination of agenda and papers.  Given the technical nature of some discussions, a member of the Computing Team will take minutes.


Others may attend meetings of the Committee, at the discretion of the Chair, as the business of the committee may determine.


At the discretion of the Chair, members who are unable to attend may nominate a substitute, who will act with the member’s authority.


The committee reports to the School’s Strategy Committee via the Director of Computing annual report or more regularly via the Head of School.

Frequency of meetings

Five times a year – generally two meetings per semester and one (November/December) focused on planning input for School and College planning.



Date Agenda


6th February 2023


8th December 2022
31st October 2022


24th August 2022  
18th July 2022

8th February 2022


10th December 2021


29th October 2021


16th August 2021


16th March 2021
12th January 2021



7th September 2020


4 November 2019


02 May 2019


13 December 2018




17 May 2018  
24 May 2017    

23 February 2017


Published computing plans