TC Agenda 8th November 2017

Teaching Committee Agenda for 8th November 2017.

Meeting Agenda

Informatics Teaching Committee Agenda

Wednesday 8th November 2017 14.00hrs, Appleton Tower room 7.14



18.08 Apologies for absence - Alex Lascarides, Christophe Dubach, Paul Anderson, Mary Cryan

18.09. Minutes of previous meetings

18.10. Matters Arising

(Extraordinary TC 29th June 2017; Item 2) - Late Submission of Coursework.

ACTION: DoT to inform teaching staff of late penalties process.

RESPONSE: Complete, actioned by G.Bell 18/10/2017


(TC 10th May 2017, Matters Arising 3.2) - Revised Exam Scrutiny Process.

ACTION: Convenors to collaborate on progressing the new scrutiny process. (Teaching Committee policy pages still to be created and this item to be added - ITO / Communication Team - OUTSTANDING.)

RESPONSE: after feedback on the scrutiny process from staff, Alan Smaill produced the following for discussion:


(TC May 10th, Item 4) - Proposal to Remove Elevated Hurdles for Progression to Honours - B. Franke.

ACTION: current DoT to contact other schools regarding Joint programmes. Chased 31/10/2017.


18.04 Moderating IPP Marks - G. Sanguinetti

ACTION: G. Sanguinetti to contact Course Organiser to collaborate and produce a formal proposal, including a marking scheme and present at a future board.

RESPONSE: G. Sanguinetti circulated the following revised proposal and Mark Van Rossum replied that he was happy with it.


18.05 TSPL (INFR11114) - change in exam diet

TSPL exam would be moved from both December and May diets to December only.

ACTION: ITO to incorporate this change into exam planning; contact Vicky MacTaggart and Examinations Team.

RESPONSE: Complete.


18.07-1 Change in Granting Extensions for Coursework - Gregor Hall for Gillian Bell. The Committee agreed that ITO should be able to grant full seven day extensions for coursework.

ACTION: ITO to handle all such requests from now on – request to be forwarded to Katey Lee, Gregor Hall and Vicky Swann.

RESPONSE: Complete.


18.07-2 Coursework deadlines – the setting of coursework deadlines was discussed. The current guideline for Semester 2 – 16:00 on the Thursday of week 10 was questioned for certain courses. It was agreed by Committee to extend this to the Monday of the Revision week.

ACTION: ITO to update of Infweb page on coursework deadlines.

RESPONSE: Complete.

18.11 Updates on Curriculum Review – Sharon Goldwater

18.12 - Draft Learning and Teaching Plan - Director of Teaching

18.13 - Teaching Committee Strategy and Plan 2018-21 - Director of Teaching

18.14 - Discussion Paper: Curiculum Structure - Director of Teaching

18.15 - Recruitment Committee Report - Helen Pain