Research staff allocation policy

Research staff allocation policy.

Allocation guidelines

Research staff funded on a School of Informatics contract will be allocated to a room and dedicated desk, for the duration of their fixed term contract. Where possible, this desk will be situated within, or close to, the appropriate Research Group, Institute or Principal Investigator.

New staff

Research staff are asked to remain in the allocated desk for the duration of their contract. All relocation requests will be considered, although for many reasons we cannot commit to resolving every suggested change.

Note that new staff are not expected to arrive prior to the start date shown in their formal contract offer. Desk space may not always be available for staff who arrive early, although access to hot-desking space will be made available where possible.

Enquiries and problems

Research staff with any desk enquiries, or who wish to request a room or desk move, must contract the Informatics Facilities team to discuss this further.

Issues relating to the furniture or layout of the room should be reported to the Facilities team in the first instance. Any computing related problems should be reported directly to the Computing Support team.

Hot-desking areas

With prior arrangement, staff who are no longer entitled to a personal desk space may use one of the hot-desking areas. Please contact the Institues Admin for up to date information on current hot-desking spaces.

Policy Approved by: Strategy Committee 25/06/2014

Last Reviewed: 25/06/2014