Student desk allocation policy

Informatics policy on student desk allocation.

Informatics PGR Desk Facilities

The Informatics Graduate School is responsible for the management of PGR desk facilities within the Informatics Forum and dedicated spaces within the Bayes Centre.  Demand for space in both these buildings is extremely high and the IGS implement the PGR Desk Management Policy to ensure that desk resources are fairly and effectively managed.  

UPDATE DEC 2020 - The current PGR student desk allocation policy is under review.  Please be advised that all new PGR students who commenced their studies from 01 Sept 2021, and who have not been allocated a dedicated desk at the point of 01 Jan 2021, will be allocated  PGR work space facilities on a shared provision basis.  The details of the updated policy will be confirmed and published in due course. 

Informatics policy on PGR desk allocation

The IGS PGR Desk Management Policy is available in the document below:


All PGRs and supervisors should familiarise themselves with the detail of the full policy.  Key points are summarised below.

Key Points

  • Only PGR students registered on an Informatics PGR programme, with a principal supervisor from the School of Informatics, are entitled to PGR desk space provision in the Forum or Bayes Centre. 
  • Unless there is a good reason otherwise, PGR students whose work is lab-based should occupy PGR desks in the relevant lab.

  • PGR desks are allocated for the period of the prescribed period of study plus a maximum of 12 months for the write up period, or until thesis submission (whichever is sooner).
  • All Informatics PGRs allocated a desk are required to pay a £20 deposit for their office key.  Deposits are returned when the key is given back to IGS on departure.
  • Informatics PGRs who have been allocated a fixed desk must remain at their allocated desk and only the IGS has authority to permit desk moves. PGR supervisors / research staff are not permitted to authorise PGR desk allocations, relocations or swaps. 
  • IGS will communicate entitlement end dates by email to individual PGRs and their supervisors. PGRs must vacate their desk and remove all belongings by their entitlement deadline, or within one week of thesis submission, whichever is sooner.  Failure to remove belongings by the exit date will result in removal of those belongings by the IGS. 
  • Desks and surrounding office spaces must be kept clean, tidy and organised at all times so as not to negatively impact on neighbouring colleagues.  IGS will take restorative action in cases of concern or complaint.

Hot-desking areas

PGRs who are not entitled to, or who are no longer entitled to, a personal desk space may make use the School's hot-desk facilities in the visitors areas of the Forum. 

Visiting PGR students are not entitled to a dedicated desk but are invited to use the School's hot-desk facilities in the visitors areas of the Forum. Alternatively, visiting PGR students can make a request to the relevant research / level office and ask to be allocated a staff desk (if any are available). 

Enquiries / Issues

Students with any desk enquiries, or who wish to request a room or desk move, must contact the Graduate School to discuss this further.

Contact the Graduate School

Issues relating to the furniture or the room should be reported to the Graduate School Office in the first instance.

Any computing related problems should be reported directly to the Computing Support team.

Computing Support form


Policy Approved by: Informatics Graduate School Management Committee (December 2018), Strategy Committee (Sept 2019)

Policy effective from: January 2019