Room hire charges – Informatics Forum

A summary of costs for hire of rooms at the Informatics Forum. Please note price increases as of 1 October 2019.

Informatics Forum – Ground floor hire rates (G.07/G07a/Atrium and Café)

Commercial/External organisations

(Category A)

Internal - UoE, Related organisations* and charities

(Category B)

Internal - School

(Category C)

G.07/G.07a Half day (morning or afternoon) £500 £300 £150
G.07/G.07a Full day (morning and afternoon) £800 £450 £225
G.07/G.07a Evening £500 £300 £150
Cafe/Atrium Half day (morning or afternoon) £200 £100 £50
Cafe/Atrium Full day (morning and afternoon) £300 £150 £100
Cafe/Atrium Evening £200 £100 £50

Informatics Forum – Kitchen hire

Day (morning, afternoon and/or evening) £200 £100 nil

Category B and C hire rates are for not-for-profit events only.

* Related organisations are organisations with which the School of Informatics or the University of Edinburgh has a contractual relationship and shared objectives.

Charges are for space and in situ furniture hire only and are subject to VAT, where applicable.

In situ audio-visual facilities may be used, however no warranty or technical support is provided (beyond a briefing on the use of the controls).

Any technical services provided (including repositioning of floor boxes with power and data points) will be charged in addition to the above.

Events requiring access prior to 9.00am or after 5.00pm, or at any time at the weekend, will require servitorial cover for reception which must be arranged through the University servitorial service, at the cost of the event organisers.

Only approved catering contractors may use the kitchen (see the Informatics Events policy).

If it is identified that the event will necessitate additional cleaning, this should arranged with the university’s cleaners and will be at the event organiser’s cost. Catering contractors will be responsible for cleaning of the kitchen, where used.

The above information should be read in conjunction with the School’s full events policy.

School of Informatics Events policy.