Use of student data on course webpages

Policy on the use of student data on course webpages.

The University Records Management polices state that publishing anything that can identify a student, including just their matric number, on an unrestricted webpage without permission is not permitted.

In order to comply with this, staff should first consider if there is a genuine need to provide information in a form that could identify individual students.  If this is required, the following points should also be considered:

  1. Consider if a world readable webpage is the best solution.  Other options might include:
    • Theon (for class and tutorial lists)
    • Email
    • Password protected pages
    • Learn
  2. If an open page is appropriate, get permission.  This should be done by giving students the opportunity to opt-in, rather than opting-out.
  3. Update the webpage to remove identifying information once it is no longer necessary.   This might be at the end of session, or after a piece of coursework has been submitted.  If there is still a need to keep information after the end of a session, consider if it should be kept elsewhere and removed from the web.

It is the responsibility of the course lecturer(s) to remove any personal information they publish and to ensure anything added by a TA or a student is also dealt with appropriately.

Policy Approved by: Teaching Committee 19/02/2015

Last Reviewed: 29/04/2015